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Your dryer vents can very well clog when a lot or a build-up of lint gathers up inside of your ventilation systems in which causes a blockage inside. There are actually many different ways in which a dryer vent may clog or have a blockage. One of which may be that if your dryer vent has a long distance in the vent system it can increase the most probably circumstance of a lot of bends and un-straight curves which is the area the lint is most likely to be collected inside. Another way can be that your dryer vent tubes were made from cheap plastic or foil, in which it can easily become crushed or bent if it was given a lot of pressure. Lastly, a bad connected vent or dryer vent screen can cause the lint to become trapped or stuck inside which causes the clog. Now, when your dryer vent is clogged it is very important to contact a professional immediately so that you can steer clear from any potential damages or potential dryer fires in result of too much lint build up.

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Have a dryer vent cleaning done by one of our trained experts here at Irving-Carpet, where you can have one of our professional residential dryer vent cleaners come right to your home anywhere in the Irving, TX area today and or any day and night, prepared with all the latest devices and technology in order to masterfully clean out those blockages. With our services, we can help remove any lint build-up or anything from hair, dust, and other small objects which can leave you with a blockage with our affordable lint build-up removal which is eco-friendly and safe for each and every one of your specific systems. We will not leave your home until we ensure your dryer vents are fully cleaned and in the best working condition, leaving you and your family protected. You will be sure to notice a dramatic difference after the lint removal and service is complete, leaving you with dryer clothes as well as a lower electricity bill. Don’t wait any longer to give our dryer vent cleaning Services Company in Irving, TX a call to hear more about the different types of fixes we provide as well as hear a free quote on the phone over any needed service or job and we look forward to hearing from you.

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